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KVS PRT Exam 2020: Mini Mock Test - 10

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Question 1

सखि! वे मुझसे कहकर जाते " किसका वाक्य है?

Question 2

उल्टी माला फेरना’ मुहावरे का सही अर्थ प्रकट करता है।

Question 3

मुर्दनी का विलोम शब्द है।

Question 4

What is the synonym for the word “abortive”?

Question 5

Choose the correct synonym of the word ‘vivid’ from the sentence.

The book includes many vivid illustrations.

Question 6

Give one word for the following group of words-

A thing that is kept as a reminder of a person, thing or place.

Question 7

Theme of world diabetes day 2020 is

Question 8

Theme for this year’s International Day of Yoga?

Question 9

Who among the following was recently named as “Best Sports Person of India” by the Kolkata Sports Journalists’ Club?

Question 10

Summative assessment is used for:

Question 11

When something uncomfortable or otherwise unpleasant is taken away in response to a stimulus, this type of reinforcement is known as:

Question 12

Drama is the best method to encourage:

Question 13

Select the option that is related to the fifth number in the same way as the second number is related to the first number and the fourth number is related to the third number.

86 : 24 :: 572 : 35 :: 674 : ?

Question 14

In a certain code language, ‘GUM’ is coded as 49441169’. How will ‘WAX’ be coded as in that language?

Question 15

Select the missing number from the given options?

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