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KVS PRT Exam 2020: Mini Mock Test - 05

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Question 1

विशाल ह्रदय शब्द में कौन-सा समास है ?

Question 2

भारतीय शब्द का बहुवचन है।

Question 3

निम्नलिखित में से कौन-सा कथन ‘लघु कथा’ की विशेषता है?

Question 4

Identify the tense of the following sentence:

The student left the exam last semester.

Question 5

They took a cab from the railway station to the hotel and ___________.

Question 6

In which of the following sentence the subject of the verb is a feminine gender?

Question 7

Terrace farming is practiced in which one of the following areas?

Question 8

The Ninth Five Year Plan was implemented in the country in which one of the following years.

Question 9

Which one of the following is known as standard Meridian for India?

Question 10

Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives:

Question 11

A word is given. It is followed by four other words. One out of the four words cannot be formed by using the letters of given word. Find that word.


Question 12

Which of the followingwords appears last of all the other three in the English dictionary?

Question 13

A child who fights with his friends would be advised by you to:

Question 14

A child’s curiosity should be dealt when:

Question 15

“Learning is the process by which behavior is originated or changed through practice or training” is said by:
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