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KVS PRT Exam 2020: Mini Mock Test - 01

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Question 1

अभी तक तुमने पर्याप्त नींद नहीं ली" वाक्य में कौन सा क्रिया विशेषण है ?

Question 2

हवन से संबंधित सामग्री वाक्य के लिए एक शब्द है -

Question 3

वह भाई जो अन्य माता से उत्पन्न हुआ हो-- वाक्यांश के लिए एक शब्द बताएं।

Question 4

Under which act did English get the status of the associate official language?

Question 5

What comes under ‘writing at word- level’ writing activity?

I. Classifying word into word families

II. Crosswords

Question 6

What does formulaic language consists of?

I. Simple greetings

II. Routines

Question 7

World Poetry Day is celebrated on

Question 8

Engineer’s Day is celebrated on birthday of

Question 9

Vijay Diwas is celebrated on

Question 10

Find out the answer figure in which the question figure is embedded/hidden.

Question Figure:

Answer Figure :

Question 11

A square sheet of paper is folded and punched. Select the figure from the given ones which most closely resembles with the unfolded position:




Question 12

How many triangles are there in the given figure?

Question 13

Learning is:

Question 14

For active participation of student’s teachers should:

Question 15

If a student repeatedly scores minimal scores in an exam then parents can be guided to:
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