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Kinetic of Rigid Bodies Quiz Discussion Achievers Practice II Quiz 19

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Question 1

The forces which meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes are called ______________.

Question 2

What is the essential characteristic for a system in equilibrium is

Question 3

The work done by a body in moving down a smooth inclined plane in comparison to being dropped vertically downwards from same height will be

Question 4

Calculate the contact path length (in mm) for a horizontal force of 10 N applied on a 1m diameter wheel. The weight of the vehicle is 2 ton.

Question 5

A particle moves along a circle of radius  m with constant tangential acceleration. If the velocity of the particle is 80 m/s at the end of the second revolution after motion has begun, the tangential acceleration is:

Question 6

The kinetic energy k of a particle moving along a circle of radius R depends on the distance covered s as k = as2 where a is a positive constant. The total force acting on the particle is

Question 7

The motion of a body is given by the equation . Where v(t) is speed in m/s and t in sec. If body was at rest at t = 0
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