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Kinetic of Rigid Bodies PYQ Achievers Practice II Quiz 18

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Question 1

The apparent weight of a man in moving lift is less than his real weight when it is going down with _________.

Question 2

When a small bug is splattered across a fast moving windshield, then

Question 3

The rate of change of linear momentum is equals to ________.

Question 4

A body weighing 1000 kg falls 8 cm and strikes a 500 kg/cm spring. The deformation of spring will be ____cm.

Question 5

A force of 100 N is applied to the centre of a circular disc, of mass 10 kg and radius 1 m, resting on a floor as shown in the figure. If the disc rolls without slipping on the floor, the linear acceleration (in m/s2) of the centre of the disc is __________ (correct to two decimal places).

Question 6

Let θ denote the angular displacement of a simple pendulum oscillating in a vertical plane. If the mass of the bob is m. The tension in the string is mg cos θ -

Question 7

An object of mass 3 kg is at rest. If a force is applied on the object, then the velocity of the object at t = 3s is:
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