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Kinetic of Rigid Bodies Achievers Practice II Quiz 17

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Question 1

A car is travelling at a constant velocity, which of the following statement is true?

Question 2

When forces  are acting on a particle of mass m such that  and  are mutually perpendicular, then the particle remains stationary. If the force  is now removed then the acceleration of the particle is

Question 3

An elevator weighing 1000kg attains an upward velocity of 4 m/sec in two seconds with uniform acceleration. The tension in the supporting cables will be(g=10m/s2):-

Question 4

Consider the following statement: When jumping from some height, you should bend your knees as you come to rest, instead of keeping your legs stiff. Which of the following relations can be useful in explaining the statement

Question 5

Block of 3 kg is initially in equilibrium and is hanging by two identical springs A and B as shown in figures. If spring A is cut from lower point at t = 0 then, find acceleration of block in ms–2 at t = 0.

Question 6

Find the acceleration of 3 kg mass when acceleration of 2 kg mass in 2ms–2 as shown in figure.

Question 7

A disc of M and radius R, rolls on a rough surface with force ‘F’ being applied at the centre. The acceleration of the disc is____.
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