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Question 1

Magnetic declination ______.

Question 2

Type of tendon used in Gifford-Udall system

Question 3

A circular shaft of diameter D is subjected to a torque T. The maximum shear stress of the shaft will be

Question 4

A flownet of a coffer dam foundation has 8 flow channels and 24 equipotential drops. The head of water lost during seepage is 4.5m. If the coefficient of permeability of foundation is .002 cm/min, then seepage loss per meter length of the dam will be

Question 5

In case of non-availability of space due to topography, the most suitable spillway is

Question 6

Which of the following is not true about the density of a gas?

Question 7

A municipal sewage has BOD5 of 200 mg/l. It is proposed to treat it and dispose of into a marine environment. For what minimum efficiency should the sewage treatment plant is designed?

Question 8

Warping stresses in a cement concrete pavement are due to

Question 9

Sleeper density, normally, adopted in Indian railway practice is

Question 10

The value of demolished material is known as:
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