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ISRO 2023 Quiz 4

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Question 1

Consider a signal x(t) shown in figure below.

If y(t) =

then the value of y(3) is_______.

Question 2

Consider y(t) = e–tu(t) * ; if y(t) = Ae–t for 0 ≤ t < 2. Then the value of A is ________.

Question 3

Let y[n] denote the convolution of h[n] and x[n], where h[n] = u[n] and x[n] is a causal sequence. If y[0] = 1, then x[1] equal to _____.

Question 4

If Laplace transform of x(t) is X(s) =  then x(0) is ________.

Question 5

Ajay ordered 4 pairs of black socks and some additional pairs of blue socks. The price of the black socks per pair was twice that of the blue ones. When the order was filled, it was found that the number of pairs of the two colours had been interchanged. This increased the bill by 50%. Find the ratio of the number of pairs of black socks to the number of pairs of blue socks in the original order.
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