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ISRO 2023 Quiz 60

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Question 1

In a group of 1000 people, 750 speak Hindi and 400 speak English. The number of only Hindi speaking people is

Question 2

A balanced 3-phase RYB sequence star-connected supply source with phase voltage 100 V is connected to a delta-connected balanced load 16 – j12 Ω per phase. The phase and line currents are, respectively

Question 3

In terms of ABCD-parameters of a 2-port network, the parameters ZA, ZB and ZC of the equivalent-T-network are, respectively

Question 4

Which of the following is considered a time domain technique in control systems?

Question 5

Applications of negative feedback to a certain amplifier reduced its gain from 200 to 100. If the gain with the same feedback is to be raised to 150, in the case of another such appliance, the gain of the amplifier without feedback must have been
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