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ISRO 2023 Quiz 33

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Question 1

A periodic function of period 2sec is possessing half-wave symmetry is shown in the figure, for 1≤ to ≤ 2. The Fourier series for this function contains

Question 2

If is of finite duration and is absolutely integrable, then the ‘region of convergence’ is

Question 3

Consider a system with transfer function

The step response of the system is given by

Question 4

The unit impulse response of system is The step response of the same system for is where A, B and C are respectively

Question 5

Consider the following equations of straight lines:

Line L1: 2x – 3y = 5

Line L2: 3x + 2y = 8

Line L3: 4x – 6y = 5

Line L4: 6x – 9y = 6

Which one among the following is the correct statement?

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