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Hydrology & Irrigation- Quiz: 5

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Question 1

A river training work is generally required when the river is

Question 2

A super passage is :

Question 3

Calculate the hydraulic mean depth of regime channel by Lacey’s theory, IF velocity is 1 m/s with silt factor is 0.75.

Question 4

Calculate the critical velocity (m/sec) of a channel using Kennedy's theory, if the depth of flow is 3m.

Question 5

Sensitivity of a modular outlet is equal to

Question 6

The dimensions of Chezy’s C is…?

Question 7

The main advantage of bentonite layer lining in an irrigation canal is that:

Question 8

The most desirable alignment of an irrigation canal is along?

Question 9

Canal normally used for diversion of flood water of a river is ______.

Question 10

Which of the following is the correct assumption of the Kennedy’s theory?
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