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Hydrology & Irrigation- Quiz: 2

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Question 1

In an irrigation canal, berms are provided at

Question 2

The relationship between the duty D in ha/cumecs, the water depth Δ in cm and base period B in days, is:

Question 3

Kor watering is:

Question 4

When the reservoir is full, the maximum compressive force in a gravity dam is produced

Question 5

The most accurate method of finding the average depth of rainfall over an area is

Question 6

The flow-mass curve is the graphical representation of

Question 7

For a synthetic unit hydrograph the width of the unit hydrograph at 50% peak discharge is 87.5 h then the width of unit hydrograph in h at 75% peak discharge would be

Question 8

In India, which of the following is adopted as standard recording rain gauge?

Question 9

The Goodrich method is used for

Question 10

In routing a flood through a reach, the point of intersection of inflow and outflow hydrographs coincides with the peak of outflow hydrograph
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