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Hydrology & Irrigation- Quiz: 2

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Question 1

The rainfall on five successive days on a catchment was 2, 6, 9, 5 and 3 cm. If the φ index for the storm can be assumed to be 3 cm/day, runoff from the catchment is

Question 2

Rainfall of intensity of 20 mm/h occurred over a watershed of area 100 ha for duration of 6 hours. Measured direct runoff volume in the stream draining the watershed was found to be 30000 m3. The precipitation not available to runoff in this case is:

Question 3

The surface run-off is the quantity of water

Question 4

The volume of water below the minimum pool level in a reservoir is known as

Question 5

Current meter is used to measure velocity in a stream. The calibration of it is done in a:

Question 6

Consider following statements :

1. W – index is always less than or equal to -index

2. W – index excludes the depression storage and interception loss from the total losses

3. W – index is the average infiltration rate during the time rainfall intensity exceeds the infiltration capacity rate.

Correct statement(s) is/are:

Question 7

Match list – I with list – II and select the correct answers using the codes given below:


Question 8

Statement (I): ϕ – index is always greater than or equal to w index

Statements (II): In calculation of w-index, initial losses (Interception depression storage) are also substracted.

Question 9

Over a basin of area 333 km2, there was a storm for 6 h with a uniform intensity of 2 cm/h. The observed runoff was 20×106 m3. The average rate of infiltration for the basin was

Question 10

The capacity of a service reservoir in a campus should cater to
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