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Hydrology & Irrigation- Quiz: 1

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Question 1

The most suitable chemical which can be applied to the water surface for reducing evaporation is

Question 2

W-index will be always

Question 3

The rainfall on five successive days on a catchment was 2, 6, 9, 5 and 3 cm. If the φ index for the storm can be assumed to be 3 cm/day, runoff from the catchment is

Question 4

An area is declared drought affected If its mean rainfall is less than:

Question 5

As per IS 4987,  where N = optimum number of rain gauge stations in a basin, CV = coefficient of variation of the rainfall values of the existing rain gauge stations, then P is

Question 6

The Ryve’s formula to determine the design discharge from catchment is given by (constant depending on nature. of the catchment and location = C; catchment area in square kilometres = A)

Question 7

If wheat requires about 7.5 cm of water after every 28 days and the base period for wheat is 140 days, then the delta for wheat is

Question 8

For a discharge of 2.01 m3/s and silt factor f = 0.85 using Lacey’s theory, the velocity is

Question 9

For the upstream face of an earthen dam, the most adverse condition for the stability of slope is

Question 10

For medium silt whose average grain size is 0.25 mm, Lacey’s silt factor is likely to be:
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