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Highway_APPSC CE Quiz-4

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Question 1

Stretcher bar is provided

Question 2

What will be the curve lead for a 1 in 8.5 turnout taking off from a straight broad gauge track?

Question 3

A scissors cross over consists of one diamond and

Question 4

According to Railway Board, no diamond crossing should be flatter than

Question 5

A train is hauled by a 2-8-2 locomotive with 22.5 tonne load on each driving axle. Assuming the coefficient of rail wheel to be 0.25, what would be the hauling capacity of the locomotive?

Question 6

Statement (I) : Transition curve followed by Indian Railways is spiral curve

Statement (II) : In spiral curve Radius of curvature is inversely proportional to the length of curve.

Question 7

Consider following statements regarding criteria for determining basic runway length as per ICAO recommendations:

1. The normal landing case requires that aircraft should come to stop within 60% of landing distance.

2. The normal Take-off case requires a clearway at the end of runway of width not less than 15m.

3. The take-off distance is 115% of the actual distance the aircraft uses to reach a height of 10.5m

Correct statement(s) is/are:

Question 8

What does the wind rose diagram for orientation or airport runway give ?

Question 9

What shall be the radius of an exit taxiway with design exit speed of 55 kmph and coefficient of friction 0.10?

Question 10

The monthly mean temperature of the atmosphere at a particular site when an airport is proposed to be developed is given below. Determine the airport reference temperature:

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