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Highway_APPSC CE Quiz-3

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Question 1

Calculate the safe stopping sight distance (in m) for the descending gradient of 3% for a design speed of 80 km/h. Take coefficient of friction as 0.35 and total reaction time as 2 seconds.

Question 2

The shift of the transition curve of radius 300 m and length 48 m is _______.

Question 3

Maximum value of super elevation provided in the design of horizontal alignments of a highway

Question 4

Along the horizontal curves, if centrifugal force exceeds lateral friction, vehicles may

Question 5

On horizontal curve, if the pavement is kept horizontal across the alignment, then the pressure on the outer wheels will be ______.

Question 6

Calculate the minimum and the maximum length of the overtaking zone when the overtaking sight distance is 460 m?

Question 7

Calculate the Intermediate sight distance (ISD) if the safe stopping sight distance (SSD) is given as 164 m?

Question 8

The ruling design speed on a curve is 100 km/h and the super elevation on the curve is 7%. Calculate the ruling design radius (m) of the curve. Take coefficient of the lateral friction as 0.15

Question 9

Right of way is the summation of the width of________.

Question 10

Psychological widening, at horizontal curves, is
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