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HAL Non-Tech 2022 Mock Test 3

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Question 1

Age of Consent Act, 1891 was brought about by efforts of which of the following leader?

Question 2

NABARD was established in the_________.

Question 3

Which clouds are responsible for formation of Sun’s halo?

Question 4

Which of following organelle is only found in plant cells?

Question 5

Select the most appropriate option to fill in the blank.

I don’t have much energy these days. After a short stroll, I am quite ____________.

Question 6

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

Question 7

Identify the incorrect sentence.

Question 8

A and B start moving towards each other from two places 200m apart. After walking 60m A turns left and goes 20m, then he turns right and goes 40m. He then turns right again and comes back to the main road on which he had started walking. If A and B both walk with the same speed, then what is the distance between them?

Question 9

Direction: In the question, two statements are given, followed by two conclusions, I and II. You have to consider the statements to be true even if it seems to be at variance from commonly known facts. You have to decide which of the given conclusions, if any, follows from the given statements.


All steel is iron.
No iron is solid.


I. No steel is solid.
II. Some iron is steel.

Question 10

A series is given, with one number missing. Choose the correct alternative from the given ones that will complete the series.

400, -200, 100, ? , 25, -12.5
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