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Question 1

Who threw bomb at carriage in 1908 which was supposed to be carrying Judge Kingsford but actually he was not in the carriage and unfortunately who British ladies killed in the attack?

Question 2

Which part of the Indian constitution has been described as the soul of the constitution by Dr BR Ambedkar?

Question 3

The name of the common currency launched by members of the European Union is

Question 4

The early Buddhist scriptures were composed in

Question 5

Obsidian, Andesite and Parodied are

Question 6

Which of the following is not a cause of low productivity in Indian agriculture?

Question 7

Which of the following is the largest ecosystem of the earth?

Question 8

Who discovered that fingerprints are unique to each individual?

Question 9

Direction: In the following question, a sentence is divided into five different parts including two highlighted ones. The highlighted parts of the sentence are grammatically correct and do not require any correction. However, the remaining three parts may contain errors in one or more than one parts of the sentence. Choose the best alternative among the five options given below each sentence that determines the portions that require correction to make the sentence grammatically correct.
Russian President took a calculated political risk (I)/ in conferring the highest national honour on the Prime Minister (II)/ on the eve of Indian elections, yet there are divergent political interests (III)/ among them in respect of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the general ‘pro-US orientation’ (IV)/ in Indian foreign policy. (V)

Question 10

Direction: In the following question, a sentence with four highlighted words is given. The words are denoted by (A), (B), (C) and (D). One of these words may be incorrect or inappropriate in the given context. Find the inappropriate or wrongly spelt word. If all the words are appropriate in the context then mark ‘All are correct’ as your answer.

All the buffet ornemanted (A) with melons carved (B) in the shape of flowers, waiters tended (C) a fresh squeezed juice station (D).

Question 11

Select the most appropriate words to fill in the blank in the given sentence.

I dislike people with ______ who say something and do something else.

Question 12

In this section, each item consists of six sentences of a passage. The first and sixth Sentences are given in the beginning as S1 and S6. The middle bur sentences In each item have been jumbled up and labelled as P, Q, R and S. You are required to find the proper sequence of the four sentences and mark your response accordingly on the Answer Sheet.
S1: In London, there is a popular public park called Hyde Park.
S6: They will be standing on soapboxes and speaking away on various subjects.
P: He may succeed in attracting an audience.
Q: Anyone who wants to make a speech can do so in Speaker’s Corner.
R: In this park, there is a place known as ‘Speaker’s Corner’.
S: On Sunday afternoons, We can find many such people there.

Question 13

Identify the best way to improve the underlined part of the given sentence. If there is no improvement required, select ‘no Improvement’.
It was mere affection that stops him beating his son.

Question 14

Directions: For each of the following questions there is some relationship between terms to the left of:: and the same exists between the two terms to its right in each these questions the fourth term is missing term is one of the alternatives among the five term given below. Find out this term.


Question 15

If 7 × 8 = 49, 4 × 4 = 12 and 6 × 4 = 18, what will 9 × 6 be?

Question 16

‘A’ is the sister of ‘B’. ‘B’ is married to ‘D’. ‘B’ and ‘D’ have a daughter ‘G’. How is ‘G’ related to ‘A’?

Question 17

From the given options, select the figure which is embedded in the following figure (rotation is NOT allowed).

Question 18

Direction: Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.

Amongst eight friends – A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H each have different heights. H is taller than D and E but not as tall as C. D is taller than E but shorter than B. F is the third tallest person. A is shorter than B and E. G is taller than E but shorter than D. B is shorter than F. The height of the second tallest person is 40cm and third shortest person is 15cm.

Who amongst the following is the fifth tallest person?

Question 19

Which country won the ATP Cup title 2022?

Question 20

Renowned personality, Marilyn Bergman (93) passed away recently, she was a veteran _____.

Question 21

Choose the correct option. ______ Flip Flop/Latches does not have a clock input.

1) D flip flop

2) RS Latch

Question 22

An induction machine works at motoring mode when slip is:-

Question 23

In a CRO, an electron gun is having:

Question 24

In a 2-element series network, the voltage and current respectively are given as v(t) = 50sin(314t) + 50 sin(342t) and i(t) = 5sin(314t + 60°) + 5sin(342t + 45°). The power factor of the network is approximately.

Question 25

The centroid of the root locus with open loop transfer function  is:

Question 26

Calculate the pulse width required to eliminate 7th harmonic component for single-pulse width modulation technique of inverter?

Question 27

The characteristics impedance of a lossless transmission line is given by:

Question 28

In which condition does the voltage source inverter give better performance?

Question 29

Choose the correct option. For full transported transmission line:

1. Zpositive = j(Xs + 2Xm)

2. Zzero = j(Xs – Xm)

Question 30

For static field, continuity equation is

Question 31

A 1000/100 V, 10 KVA transformer is connected as step up auto transformer with 1000 V on primary side. The KVA transferred conductively are ___________.

Question 32

Which of following material is not a Ferromagnetic material __________.

Question 33

A network has 4 nodes and 3 independent loops. What is the number of braches in the network?

Question 34

In the given figure a 4-bit synchronous counter is shown with active low clear. Q0 is LSB and Q3 is MSB. What is the type of counter?

Question 35

In cables, the thickness of the layer of insulation on the conductor depends upon.

Question 36

A moving charge produces :

Question 37

Current chopping can be avoided by which of the following:

Question 38

In a feedback amplifier, which configuration increases bandwidth, decreases non-linear distortion and improves transconductance with negative feedback?

Question 39

Wagner's Earthing device is used to eliminate errors due to

Question 40

Determine the source, from the given graph.

Question 41

Slew rate is defined by:

Question 42

Buchholz relay is placed:

Question 43

The gain of an amplifies without feedback is given by A= 1000± 100. The deviation in gain creates 0.2 % of deviation in gain with negative feedback. The feedback factor is

Question 44

In which of the following defects, the density of material increases.

Question 45

Which of the following statement about the internal resistance of measuring instrument is true?

Question 46

For 4 pole pair DC generator with total 32 numbers of conductors. The required numbers of Equalizer ring are

Question 47

A DC shunt generator supplies a load of 7.5 kW at 200 V. If the armature resistance is 0.6 Ω and field resistance is 80 Ω, the induced emf will be

Question 48

A circuit designed to increase the level of its input signal is called

Question 49

The full-scale output of an ADC is 20 V. The resolution required to be 15 mV. What is the minimum no. of bits required?

Question 50

Which pitch is defined as number of conductor per pole?
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