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GATE GNST|| Aptitude & Maths Quiz 3

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Question 1

What is the unit digit of 234557451 + 239125122159 + 12345 + 4121?

Question 2

The order and degree of following differential equation is:

Question 3

Consider matrix , then determinant of Adj (Adj A) is _________.

Question 4

Eigen value of inverse of matrix A is

Question 5

The function given by y = |lxl -1|, is differentiable for all real numbers except at the points

Question 6

Evaluate where where bounding the region x2+y2= 9, z= 0 & z=2

Question 7

In a triangle ABC, BC is extended to D. Bisector of ∠ABC and ∠ACD meets at point P. The correct relation between ∠A and ∠P is:

Question 8

If , then the value of  will be

Question 9

P is an orthogonal matrix and A is a periodic matrix with period 4 and Q=PAPT. If PT Q2003P is equal to Aa, then the value of ‘a’ is _________.

Question 10

What is the smallest integer that is a multiple of 5, 8 and 15?
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