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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-5: Basics of Electrical Engineering

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Question 1

An electric heater draws 3.5 A from a 110 V source. The resistance of the heating element is approximately?

Question 2

For the circuit shown below, find the resistance between points P & Q.

Question 3

If the power factor is high, then the consumer maximum KVA demand:

Question 4

If the co-efficient of coupling between two coils is increased, mutual inductance between the coils:

Question 5

For painful shock, what is the range of electric shock current at 50 Hz?

Question 6

If two capacitances C1 and C2 are connected in parallel then the equivalent capacitance is given by:

Question 7

The e.m.f. induced in a coil of N turns is given by:

Question 8

How much energy is stored by a 100 mH inductance when a current of 1A is flowing through it?

Question 9

If 750 a is flowing through 11 kΩ of resistance, what is the voltage drop across the resistor?

Question 10

An active element in a circuit is one which:
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