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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-43

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Question 1

In a balanced star connected system,, then the corresponding line voltage is

Question 2

On which one of the following cycles does a modern steam power plant work?

Question 3

Match List-I (Power Station) with List-II (Component) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:
A) Hydroelectric power station
B) Nuclear power station
C) Steam power station
D) Pressure gasification combined cycle power plant
1) Grate and stokers
2) Forebay
3) Pressurized water reactor
4) Fluidized bed gasifier

Question 4

In coal-fired thermal power-stations, what are the electrostatic precipitators used for?

Question 5

The daily energy produced in a thermal power station is 720 MWh at a load factor of 0.6. What is the maximum demand of the station?

Question 6

The term ‘Surge Tank’ is associated with which type of power plant?

Question 7

In the load-frequency control system with free governor action, the increase in load demand under steady condition is met

Question 8

A power station’s plant load factor is defined as the ratio of

Question 9

A short transmission line with sending end voltage equal to receiving end voltage

|Vs| = |Vr|, then at δ = ϖ for the line

The magnitude of reactive power flow is

Question 10

In a 3-core conductor cable, the capacitances are found as: 20 µf between the sheath and three conductors connected and 8 µf between conductor and two other conductors connected to the sheath. The capacitance to neutral is
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