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Question 1

Load flow studies in a power system provide mathematical approach to determine?

Question 2

The gauss seidel load flow method has following demerits . which of the following is incorrect statement?

Question 3

When the PV bus is treated as PQ in load flow studies ?

Question 4

The most relevant information needed to specify the real power (P) at the PV buses in the load flow analysis is-

Question 5

Consider the following statements regarding load flow methods:

1) The performance of gauss-siedel method is sensitive to the choice of slack bus.

2) The convergence of fast recouped load flow method is faster than Gauss siedel and Newton raphson methods.

3) Number of iterations in gauss siedel method can be reduced by using accelerating factor

Which of the following above statements are correct ?

Question 6

In Gauss-Seidel load flow method the number of iterations may be reduced if the correction in voltage at each bus is multiplied by

Question 7

Newton-Raphson method with respect to Gauss-seidel method is:

Question 8

The main advantage of the Decoupled Load Flow (DLF) as compared to the NR method is :

Question 9

Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer:
(A) Gauss seidal load flow
(B) Newton Raphson Method
(C) Fast decoupled load flow
(D) Real time load flow
1. Quadratic conversion characteristic
2. Linear Conversion characteristic
3. Geometrical conversion characteristic
4. Contingency studies

Question 10

if the voltage controlled bus is treated as a load bus the which of the following limit would be violated ?
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