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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-33

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Question 1

The Electrical power system as shown is to be protected by over current system of protection. For proper fault discrimination, directional over-current relays will be required will be required at which locations.

Question 2

What are Oil switches used for?

Question 3

Which property of SF6 gas makes it most suitable for use in circuit breakers?

Question 4

HRC fuse means

Question 5

Which of the following is true with a solid state relay?

Question 6

Out of the followings, which one is correct in case of a circuit breaker?

Question 7

Molded case circuit breaker is used for

Question 8

The contact resistance of a circuit breaker is about

Question 9

Which relay is used to detect and protect internal faults in a transformer?

Question 10

In the method of arc extinction for a Circuit Breaker the resistance of arc, which one of the following is not an appropriate method for this purpose
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