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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-24

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Question 1

In an FCC crystal structure, there are ‘A’ atoms/unit cell and in a BCC, there are ‘B’ atoms/unit cell. The value of (A + B) is ______.

Question 2

Hexagonal closed packs or HCP is having pacing fraction of . The value of A is:

Question 3

Metallic copper is a:

Question 4

For which of the following materials is the Hall coefficient zero?

Question 5

If (n) is lattice points per unit cell of the cubic system, (N) and (M) are the Avogadro’s number and atomic weight, respectively, and (ρ) is the density of the element, then the lattice constant A . is

Question 6

Correct form of ohm’s law is:

Question 7

Which of the following statement is not true for direct band gap semiconductor?

Question 8

Which of the following statements are true for diamagnetic materials?

1. Small and negative value of magnetic susceptibility.

2. For these materials’ magnetic susceptibility changes with temperature.

3. Diamond is diamagnetic.

4. These materials are repelled in applied magnetic field.

Question 9

For dielectric having refractive index of 2, the relative permittivity is

Question 10

A monoclinic crystal may have which of the following possible Bravais lattices ?

1) Primitive

2) Body centered

3) Face centered

4) Base-centered

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