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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-21

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Question 1

A 10 kVA, 400 V/200 V, single-phase transformer with 10% impedance, draws a steady short circuit current of

Question 2

For a fuse wire of diameter ‘d’, fusing current is proportional to

Question 3

Main purpose of oil in OCB is to

Question 4

In an n-bus power system, considering n-nodes network, the size of Ybus is,

Question 5

Which distribution system is more reliable?

Question 6

Corona loss is less when shape of the conductor is:-

Question 7

A gas turbine power plant is best suited for

Question 8

When L is variable, minimum attenuation is achieved at:

(Where: L is Inductance per unit length; C ¡s Capacitance per unit length; R is Resistance per unit length; and G is Conductance per unit length.)

Question 9

A generation station has average demand and maximum demand of 48000 kW and 96000 kW respectively. If the plant capacity factor is 0.48, the installed capacity will be:

Question 10

Out of the following plant categories:

(i) Nuclear

(ii) Run-off river

(iii) Pump storage

(iv) Diesel

The base load power plants are

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