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Question 1

What is the value of magnetic (permeability) constant?

Question 2

Process used to deposited are metal over another metal is called

Question 3

If you cut a bar magnet into half, the pole strength of each piece will

Question 4

The thermal voltage VT, of a semiconductor diode at 27 °C temperature is nearly

Question 5

The ratio of primary/secondary voltages in a step-down transformer is 2:1. The saving in terms of weight of copper required if an autotransformer is used instead of a two-winding transformer will be

Question 6

Statement I: Inductor does not allow the sudden change in current.

Statement II: In case of sudden change in current voltage across inductor goes to infinite value.

Question 7

Consider the following parts of a dc machine :
1) Yoke
2) Armature core
3) Brushes
4) Pole core
Which of the above parts are subjected to iron loss?

Question 8

In an intrinsic semiconductor the conductivity is

Question 9

Which of the following has highest values of thermal conductivity.

Question 10

Statement 1: For ac supply, the average power in the circuit is equal to.

Pavg =

Statement 2: For pure dc supply, the average power is the circuit is equal to.

Pavg =

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