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GETCO EE Practice Quiz-16

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Question 1

Power transmission capacity of a high voltage line can be increased by

Question 2

A 50-bus system consists of _________transmission lines, considering 80% sparsity.

Question 3

Bundled conductor in transmission lines will not reduces:

Question 4

The disadvantages of HDVC transmission are:

1. It requires costly terminal equipment’s.

2. Converters require considerable reactive power.

3. Harmonic are generated which require filter.

Question 5

An 800 kV transmission line is working under no load condition. The ABCD parameters are A= 0.950° = D, B = 12090° Ω/phase, C = 0.5 x 10-6 Ω/phase. The shunt reactor required to compensate the Ferranti effect at receiving end is

Question 6

In the transmission network shown, the steady state transmission limit is 10 p.u. If a small fault occurs and respective C.B opens, then new steady state transmission limit is

Question 7

A transmission line with length 180 Km has A, B, C and D parameters. If the length of line is increased to 230 km then the parameters

Question 8

Transmission is done on high voltage because

Question 9

With respect to transmission lines 2 port circuit, which option correctly describes ABCD parameters?

Question 10

Bulk power transmission over long HVDC lines is preferred because of
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