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Question 1

Which relay is used for the protection of electrical machines against overheating?

Question 2

A 2-wire d.c. distributor cable AB is 2 km long and supplies loads of 100 A, 150 A, 200 A and 50 A situated 500 m, 1000 m, 1600 m, and 2000 m from the feeding point A. Each conductor has a resistance of 0·01 Ω per 1000 m. Determine the potential at point D, if the potential difference of 300 V is maintained at point A.

Question 3

For a variable head of near about but less than 30 meters, which type of turbines is used in hydro power stations?

Question 4

Sag of a overhead line is proportional to square of

Question 5

The open circuit and short circuit impedance of line are 160 Ω and 250 Ω respectively.

The characteristics impedance of line will be.

Question 6

If per unit impedance Zp.u. on a base of 33 kV and 100 MVA is 0.25 p.u., then what will be the per unit impedance on 22 kV and 50 MVA base values.

Question 7

If a 250 MVA, 11/400KV three phase power transformer has leakage reactance of 0.05 per unit on the base of 250 MVA and the primary voltage of 11KV, then the actual leakage reactance of the transformer referred to the secondary side of 400KV is

Question 8

For finding Vs and VR, the capacitance is neglected in which of the following line?

Question 9

For a conductor used in power transmission, skin effect depends.

Question 10

A 100 km transmission line is designed for a nominal voltage of 132 kV and consists of one conductor per phase. The line reactance is 0.726Ω/km. The static transmission capacity of the line, in Megawatts will be
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