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Question 1

In the derivation of the flexural formula, we consider

Question 2

The standard load in CBR test corresponding to a penetration of 2.5mm is

Question 3

Degree of static indeterminacy of rigid jointed frame shown in figure is

Question 4

The analysis of thick cylinder is based on ___________ and variation of hoop stress across the thickness of a thick cylinder is _________.

Question 5

The properties of cohesion, adhesion and surface tension result in

Question 6

On setting up a plane table at a station, the centering was not done with care and it was found out that the displacement of the plotted point at right angles to the ray was 200mm. The error in the plotted position (in mm) if the scale was 1:2000 is _______.

Question 7

The least count of a 5 m long telescopic leveling staff is

Question 8

A mild steel plate of thickness 12 mm and width 240mm is bent into a circular arc of radius 10m. Maximum bending stress induced in the plate if E =2x105 N/mm2 is__________ N/mm2.

Question 9

For high head, the suitable turbine is

Question 10

A soil sample is having a specific gravity of 2.6 and avoid ratio of 078. The water content in percentage required to fully saturate the soil at that void ratio is:
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