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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 6

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Question 1

An initial cross section area of a clay sample was 15 sq. cm. The failure strain was 25 % in an unconfined compression test. The corrected area of the sample at failure would be:

Question 2

If the damping ratio is given by 0.10 and damping coefficient is 225 kN-s/m. What is the value of critical damping ratio (kN-s/m)?

Question 3

The calculation of the moment of the body due to the loadings involves a quantity called as?

Question 4

The construction of new foundation underneath the existing one without endangering the stability of existing structure is termed as

Question 5

In the direction of flow if the tubes are slightly inclined, then what type of tube settler is required?

Question 6

AS per IS 800:2007, the effective slenderness ratio of laced column should be increased by x% than the column without lacing, then value of x is?

Question 7

MILAN 2018 was held in which state/UT?

Question 8

On the basis of prominent relief features, the peninsular plateau can be divided into how many groups?

Question 9

Direction: In the following sentence, a phrase is missing and a phrase is given in bold. From the options given below the question, choose the most appropriate pair, the first of which can fill the blank and the other, replace the highlighted word to make the sentence grammatically and contextually correct and meaningful.
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A rainy season of about two months usually begins in January; the spring season __________ is over in May; summer ends in October by the first rains.

Question 10

Identify the sentence which uses correct form of superlative degree of comparison.
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