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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 17

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Question 1

The void ratio of a soil sample is given by 0.58. What is the porosity of soil sample?

Question 2

The coefficient of shrinkage for high grade concrete for pre-tensioned work is

Question 3

The unconfined compressive strength of cohesive soil strata is 40 kN/m2 and diameter of pile if 0.560 m. Depth of fill of soil which is moving vertically is 1 m. Negative friction on pile is

Question 4

Which of the following represents the approximately overflow rate (liters/hours/m2) for the plain sedimentation tank?

Question 5

A byte consists of how many bits?

Question 6

If 18 mm rivets are used in lacing bars, then minimum width of lacing bars should be

Question 7

Who founded Indian National Liberation Federation in 1919?

Question 8

What is the elevation below sea level of “Kuttanad” that is the lowest point in India ?

Question 9

Which award is given for excellence in sports ?

Question 10

The computer that hosts your e-mail account is known as (a(n) __________
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