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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 15

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Question 1

Wp and Wf are the weights of a cylinder containing partially compacted and fully compacted concrete. If the compaction factor (Wp/Wf) is 0.95, the workability of concrete is

Question 2

The approximate allowable stress in axial compression in reinforced concrete is ______.

Question 3

Which among the following is/are the correct assumptions in the theory of simple Bending?

a. The loads act perpendicular to the beam axis.

b. The beam bends to a circular arc.

c. The beam is initially straight of constant cross-section.

Question 4

A surveyor made an error during the survey of a project which is associated with his skills and vigilance. Which type of error this surveyor has committed?

Question 5

Which of the following statements is/are true about the advantages of Pre-stressed Concrete structure?

a. In the pre-stressed concrete structure, the deflection of beams is considerably reduced.

b. Pre-stressing decreases cracks in concrete under all stages of loading.

c. Pre-stressed concrete requires the only 1/3rd of the concrete required for RCC

Question 6

The equilibrium superelevation/cant necessary for any speed is calculated from the formula:

Question 7

What does CDMA stand for?

Question 8

Select the option that will come next in the given series.

Question 9

In the sentence, identify the segment which contains the grammatical error. If the sentence has no error, then select 'No error'.
Access to finance are one of the biggest challenges among Indian MSMEs.

Question 10

The symbol of Indian rupee -  came into force_____
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