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GETCO CE Practice Quiz 1

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Question 1

What is the purpose of conducting the resection method in the plane table surveying?

Question 2

A steep- sided bowl shaped cavity caused by loss of surfacing as well as base course erosion is known as

Question 3

Degree of freedom for the following frame structure having one internal hinge and inextensible members is

Question 4

If loading is inside the kern area. Then there will be not _________ anywhere.

Question 5

Undisturbed soil samples are required for conducting:

Question 6

A uniform horizontal pipe of length 120 cm leads from a reservoir holding water to a depth of 90 cm above the open end of the pipe. What minimum length of piezometer is required to measure pressure at a point 40 cm from the open end?

Question 7

Where is the first Vedic school was established?

Question 8

What is the location of Nokrek biosphere reserves of India?

Question 9

Change the voice of the following sentence:

It is time for the surgeon to be sent for.

Question 10

Who is the author of the book ‘Shahnameh’?
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