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Question 1

Dijkstra’s banking algorithm in an operating system solves the problem of

Question 2

Consider program for P1 and P2:

Here, m and n are binary semaphore variables whose values are initially initialized to 1 x and y are shared resources whose values are initialized to 0
Which of the following holds by above processes?

Question 3

Consider a disk with Disk Block Address of 26 bits. The disk is formatted with FAT protocol. The size of each entry in FAT is 16 bytes. What is the formatted capacity of the disk and the maximum file size that can be stored onto this disk. The block size is 2KB.

Question 4

Suppose there is 88 instances of a resource and each process require either 2 or 3 resources to complete their execution. Requirement of resources for process Pi is depends on i if i is even then it requires 3 instances whereas if i is odd then it requires 2 instances of resource. Then minimum number of process for which there will be deadlock is ____. Given number of instances of resource is an odd number.

Question 5

Consider the case of having a link with bandwidth of 32*103 bits/sec and 8 millisecond propagation delay. If queuing delay, processing delay and acknowledge transmission time is negligible. Then the minimum size of frame in Bytes to achieve 80% of link utilization is ______. Here we are using stop and wait protocol.

Consider a router that received an IP packet of size 500 with an IP header of length 20B. Router is working with MTU of 200B. The sum of the value of fragment offset field and Total length field in the header of the second IP fragment generated by the router for the packet is _______.

Consider the Diffie Hellman cryptosystem, Alice and bob agreed on a prime number p=23 and base g=Alice and bob choose secret number as 6 and 15. Then the value of the key will be _____.

21. Consider two function g(n) and h(n) which is given as g(n) = n and f(n) = nsin n , where n is a positive integer which of the following statement is correct

Statement 1- g(n) = O(h(n))

Statement 2- g(n) = (h(n))

A. Only 1

B. Only 2

C. Both 1 and 2

D. Neither 1 or 2

Question 6

A 1km long broadcast LAN has 107 bps bandwidth and uses CSMA/CD. The speed of the signal is 2*108 m/s. What is the minimum packet size (in bits) that can be used on this network?

Question 7

Consider a channel having a bandwidth of 1 GBPS, and the lifetime of an IP packet is 180 sec. The number of extra bits required to be placed in the optional field of the IP packet is ______.(Assume 103 = 210)

Question 8

Consider two stations A and B that are present in an ethernet working at speed 10 mbps and having propagation delay of 178-bit time. Now A and B send a packet at time t=0, the time at which they finish transmitting a jam signal after collision is _____ μ sec. (up to 2 decimal places). Assume jam signal is of 48 bits.

Question 9

In above picture, there are three nodes A, B and C. The propagation delay is 5μs/km for both links. Data rate between A to B is 100kbps. Both links are full duplex. All the data frames are 100 bits long and ACK frames are negligible. Suppose window size is ____kbps will be the required transmission rate between B and C, so that buffer of node B are not flooded?

Question 10

Consider token ring network with 5kbps Bandwidth and number of stations are 15. Each station is separated with 10000 meter and each station introducing 1-bit delay. ____ number of dummy bits need to be introduced for proper functioning of network if propagation speed is 150m/μs.

Question 11

In a network that has a maximum packet size of 129 bytes, a maximum packet lifetime of 30 seconds and an 8-bit packet sequence number, What is the maximum rate per connection(in bps)?(up to one decimal)

Question 12

A network contains 4 subnets, having size s1,s2,s3,s4 [size of Subnet means total no. of host in Subnet] Class C IP address is applied here. Subnet mask of these 4 Subnets are 255.255.255.M1, 255.255.255.M2, 255.255.255.M3, 255.255.255.M4.
If s1>s2>s3>s4, then what is true?
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