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Question 1

A logic circuit has the following logical inputs and output:

Inputs: A, B, C

Output: Y

The output is high only when a majority of the inputs is high. Which one of the following is the correct relation between inputs and output?

Question 2

Write the minimal POS expression for a given function:

f(A,B,C,D) = M( 1 , 5 , 7 , 10 , 12 , 13 , 15 )

Question 3

Consider a quadratic function x2-10x+21=0 having roots 3 and 7 in base b. So, the value of base b is _____.

Question 4

Consider a system having representation for numbers as


Sum of minimum hamming distance and maximum hamming distance is _____.

Question 5

For the ring counter shown in the following figure, the MOD number of counter will be __, if the initial state of counters is 1110(i.e. Q3Q2Q1Q0=1110)

Question 6

Following the state diagram shown clocked sequential circuit:

How many states the sequential circuit has?

Question 7

Consider the following relational schema:0
Department (Name, Number, Location, MGRSSN)
Employee (Name, SSN, Sex, Address, Salary, Department, Supervisor)
Dependent (ESSN, Dependent, Name, Sex)
The query on the above schema is:

A(SSN) πMGRSSN (Department)

B(SSN) πESSN (Department)

C A – B

Result πnama (employee C)

Assume that relations corresponding to the above schema are not empty. Which one of the following is the correct interpretation of the above query?

Question 8

Consider the following relations:

R1(P Q R) and R2 (P, S, T)

R1 has 500 records and R2 has 800 records. The non-Null attribute ‘P’ in R2 is referencing attribute ‘P’ in R1. The maximum number of records present in R1 R2are ________.

Question 9

Consider the following schedule:

S:R2(A), W1(B), W1(C), R3(B) R2(B) R1(A)C1 R2(C)C2 W3(A)C3

Which of the following is correct about above schedule?

Question 10

Consider the following statements:

I. All leaf nodes are at the same level.

II. The root node has almost 2 tree pointers.

III. Every leaf node contains a pointer to its next node if it is present.

IV. Only random access is allowed.

The number of statements which are correct for B-Tree but not for B+ Tree are:

Question 11

Consider the following statements regarding B-tree:
S1: B-Tree is suitable for the database where 90% of the query needed to access the sequential records.
S2: B-Tree is preferred over AVL trees for making index file due to list cost of accessing.
Which of the following is true?

Question 12

What is the number of level required for indexing using B+ tree, when 2400 keys has to be stored with order=6? [It is given that Order= Maximum pointers per node]
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