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GATE ME 2022: Machine Design

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Question 1

An oil ring bearing of a transmission shaft of 50 mm diameter in which journal rotates at 1450 rpm. The radial clearance and bearing pressure are 20 microns and 4 MPa. If sommerfield number is 0.1274, the viscosity of lubricant in centipoise is

Question 2

The ratio of the rivet diameter to the pitch of a rivet joint is 0.34. The tearing efficiency of the joint in % is __________(correct to one decimal place)

Question 3

A block brake shown in the figure has a face width of 200mm and the face is lined with coefficient of friction 0.33. An activating force P of 400N is applied at the end A of lever. Calculate the braking torque on the wheel when the Fulcrum is located at "o".

Question 4

A cylindrical shaft has an ultimate strength (σut) of 900 MPa. The shaft is subjected to endurance stress of 360 MPa and alternating stress of 500 MPa. Calculate the shaft life ____ (in thousand)

Question 5

The following state of stress is imposed on a machine component having yield strength of 320 MPa:

The factor of safety of the component as calculated using the maximum shear stress theory is:

Question 6

A Pinion of 30 teeth,transmits power to a gear of 75 teeth.Module of gear tooth is 5 mm and face width is 60mm. If the load stress factor or material combination factor is 1.96, the wear strength( in kN) of gear tooth will be      
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