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GATE ME 2022: Heat Transfer

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Question 1

In a heat exchanger, the hot liquid enters with a temperature of 200 °C and leaves at 180 °C. The cooling fluid enters at 50 °C and leaves at 130 °C. The capacity ratio of the heat exchanger is __________.

Question 2

The ratio of critical radius of cylinder to sphere is

Question 3

In a condenser of a power plant, the steam condenses at a temperature of 60 °C. The cooling water enters at 30 °C and leaves at 45 °C. The logarithmic mean temperature difference (LMTD) of the condenser is

Question 4

10 cm long, 9 cm2 cross-sectional area and 20 cm perimeter shaft is made of steel of thermal conductivity 100 kJ/m-hr-deg. The temperature at the root is 500o C and it is expose to a temperature of 850o C. The shaft may be treated as a fin losing heat at the tip having film coefficient of 1100 kJ/m2-hr-deg. The temperature at the middle of the shaft will be

Question 5

The heat loss from a fin in 6W. The effectiveness and efficiency of the fin are 3 and 0.75, respectively. The heat loss (in W) from the fin, keeping the entire fin surface at base temperature, is ________.

Question 6

In a fully developed flow through a pipe with Reynold’s Number 6000, if the velocity of the fluid gets tripled. By how many times the convective Heat transfer coefficient increases.
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