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GATE ME 2022: Heat Transfer

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Question 1

If Nusselt number is 3600 with corresponding Reynolds & Prandtl number as 60 & 30 respectively, the relevant Stanton number will be _________.

Question 2

In a case of one dimensional heat conduction in a medium with constant properties, T is the temperature at position x, at time t. thenDescription: D:\GradeStack Courses\GATE Tests (Sent by Ravi)\GATE ME 18-Mar\GATE-ME-2005_files\image029.pngis proportional to

Question 3

A cylindrical pipe of diameter 20 cm is to be insulated. What should be the radius of insulation to maximize heat transfer provided if the thermal conductivity of the material is 0.2W/mk and the convective heat transfer coefficient is 2 W/m2k.

Question 4

A thermocouple, the junction of which can be approximated as 6mm diameter sphere is used to measure the temperature of a gas stream. The properties of the junction are c = 320 J/kg-K and k = 35 W/m-K. The heat transfer coefficient between the junction and gas is 210 W/m2-K. The time required for the thermocouple to read 90% of the initial temperature difference is ___________ s.

Question 5

Two large parallel plates having a gap of 10 mm in between them are maintained at temperature T1= 1000 K and T2= 400 K. Given emissivity values, =0.5, =0.25 and Stefan-Boltzmann constant the heat transfer between the plates (in kW/m2) is ______

Question 6

The effective temperature of a black body having an area of 1 m2 is found to be 1000oC. The intensity of radiation along a direction making an angle of 60o with the normal is:
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