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Question 1

Buses arrive at a specified stop at 15 minute intervals starting at 7 AM.if a passenger arrives at the stop at a random time between 7:00 and 7:30 AM, then the probability that the passenger waits less than 6 minutes is _______.

Question 2

5 years ago the average age of a family, which includes father, mother, and a son, was 35 years. If the average age of father and mother, 3 years ago, was 46 years. What is the present age (in years) of the son?

Question 3

Direction: Each item in this section consists of a sentence with an underlined word followed by four words/groups of word. Select the option that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word and mark your response on your Answer Sheet accordingly.
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Everyone was on edge as we began early the next day.

Question 4

15 men working at 80% of their efficiency or 20 women working at 90% of their efficiency  can complete a task in 50 days. How long will 20 men working at 90% of their efficiency and 15 women working at 80% of their efficiency will together complete the work?

Question 5

Find the solution for multiplication of two complex no. of the form a+ib and c+id. Take a = 2, b = 3, c = 4 and d = 5.

Question 6

The value of definite integral is

Question 7

Consider the given system of three linear equations:

If the given system is inconsistent, the value of k is

Question 8

250 men can finish a work in 20 days working 5 hours a day. To finish the work within 10 days working 8 hours a day, the minimum number of men required is

Question 9

For a system, the temperature-time profile is governed by:

Where T is the temperature in The initial condition is . The temperature of the system up to 2 decimal places after 1 hour is _______

Question 10

Choose the word nearest in the meaning to the word given in bold.


Question 11

A loaded flat plate is having an elliptical hole in the middle, as shown in figure. The stress concentration factor at point x or y is ______.

Question 12

For two cycles coupled in series, the topping cycle has an efficiency of 40% and the bottoming cycle has an efficiency of 30%. The overall combined cycle efficiency is

Question 13

A block oscillates on spring having a mass 2 kg and having stiffness 2000 N/m. the mass of the block is 10 kg. and consider the inertia of the spring as well . find the natural frequency of the given system (in rad/s) ___________.

Question 14

Match List-I (Shear force diagrams) with List-II (Diagrams of beams with support and loading) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:








Question 15

A body of 5kg supported on a spring. If the ratio of damping constant and critical damping constant is 3.26. Find the ratio of initial amplitude to amplitude after 6cycles.

Question 16

In Orthogonal turning of medium carbon steel, the specific machining energy is 8.0 J/mmthe cutting velocity, feed and depth of cut are 120 m/min, 0.6 mm/rev and 6 mm respectively. The main cutting force in N is

Question 17

The absorbtivity, irradiation and emissive power of black body of an opaque body are 0.4, 6 and 5W/m2 respectively. Find the radiosity for the surface(W/m2)?

Question 18

Using Clausius-Claperyon’s equation, estimate the enthalpy of vapourisation. The following data is given: At 200 °C: vg = 0.1274 m3/kg, v= 0.001157 m3/kg, =32 k-Pa/K.

Question 19

In iron-carbon diagram , represents eutectic reaction which takes place at temperature _________K and carbon __________% respectively.

Question 20

Water flows through a pipe of diameter 0.5 m. the value of velocity V as shown in 2 m/s. Then h is __________m.

Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\07_Fluid-Mechanics_BLok_files\image067.png

Question 21

The value of freezing ratio (upto two places of decimal), for a steel casting of dimensions 60×40×10 cm which is produced by using a cylindrical side riser of 24 cm diameter, will be

Question 22

A simply supported beam has the square cross-section having moment of inertia 1728 mm4. It carries a uniformly distributed load of intensity 10 N/m. Considering only the top fibre of beam, the correct representation of the longitudinal variation of the bending stress is (consider sagging B.M positive & compressive bending stress positive)
Description: Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\04_SOM_BLok_files\image109.png

Question 23

Match List-1 (Properties) with List-2(Type)


(1). Density

(2). Refractive index

(3). Internal energy

(4). Specific enthalpy


(A). Intensive

(B). Extensive

Question 24

A 3 stage refrigerator compressor with perfect intercooling is operated with overall pressure ratio of 8. If the intermediate pressures are 3 bar and 1.5 bar. Find the minimum and maximum pressure of the compression in bar.

Question 25

The rod AB, of length 1 m, shown in the figure is connected to two sliders at each end through pins. The sliders can slide along QP and QR. If the velocity VA of the slider at A is 2 m/s, the velocity of the midpoint of the rod at this instant is ________m/s.

Question 26

A shaft has an attached disc at the center of its length.The center of gravity of the disc is located at a distance of 3mm from shaft axis.The shaft has angular frequency of vibration of 15rad/s, when allowed to vibrate in its natural mode.When it rotates at 350 rpm, deflection of centre of gravity of disc from initial shaft axis will be__________

Question 27

A stream of water having bulk modulus of 2060 MPa is flowing at a speed of 2000m/s. The Mach number of the flowing stream will be

Question 28

By what process, maximum hardness is obtained for a component made of steel ?

Question 29

In the psychrometric chart the process (1-2) is given [cooling dehumidification]. Find the percentage change in moisture (initial-final)

Question 30

A body of 12 kg supported on a spring . If the ratio of dampimg constant and critical damping constant is 3.26. Find the ratio of initial amplitude to amplitude after 6 cycles .

Question 31

Water flows through a 0.6 m diameter, 1000 m long pipe from a 30 m overhead tank to a village. Find the discharge (in liters) at the village (at ground level), assuming a Fanning friction coefficient f = 0.04 and ignoring minor losses due to bends etc.

Question 32

A mixture is prepared using 3 kg of O2 and 5 kg of N2 at the same temperature. Assume the initial pressure of each constituent of mixture is same. The total increase in entropy (in KJ/kgK) is

Question 33

In orthogonal cutting of an engineering alloy, following data has been observed: rake angle = 10o , chip thickness ratio = 0.40, uncut chip thickness = 0.51 mm, width of cut = 2.5 mm, yield shear stress of work material = 400 N/mm2, mean friction co-efficient on tool face = 0.The value of radial force will be (in N)

Question 34

What will be the deflection at the location 'a' where the load W acts, 
W = 45kN 
L = 3m, a = 1m, 
EI = 4.16×105 N-m2

Question 35

In an ideal Brayton cycle with regeneration, air is compressed from 1 bar and 300 K to 4 bar and 450 K, is heated to 750 K in the regenerator, and then further heated to 1200 K before entering the turbine. Under cold-air standard conditions, the effectiveness of the regenerator (in percentage) is _____ [Take Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Mechanical Part 1\Made Easy Questions\11_IC-Engine-PPMS_BLok1_files\image002.png = 1.3 for gas]
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