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GATE ME 2021 || Manufacturing Quiz 13

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Question 1

Gun metal consists of

Question 2

Cast iron is characterized by minimum of following % age of carbon:

Question 3

In iron-iron carbide phase diagram, what is the structure which is pure form of iron having FCC crystal structure and non-magnetic in nature

Question 4

Mild steel is an engineering material which is used widely in several engineering application and in many construction work. What the shape of the crystal structure of mild steel

Question 5

Which of the following unit cells are arranged in ascending order of atomic packing factor? (The abbreviations used are BCC = Body Centred Cubic, FCC = Face Centred Cubic, SC = Simple Cubic, HCP = Hexagonal Closed Packed)

Question 6

The binary phase diagram of metals P and Q is shown in the figure. An alloy X containing 60% P and 40% Q (by weight) is cooled from liquid to solid state. The fractions of solid and liquid (in weight percent) at 1250oC, respectively, will be __________.

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