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GATE EE 2022: Power Electronics Quiz 14 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

What value of capacitor is required to force commutate a thyristor with a turnoff time of 10us with a 48V battery and a full-load current of 50A?

Question 2

For the circuit given below, the thyristor is fired by a minimum gate pulse width of 50 μsec and the latching current of the thyristor is 62 mA. Find the maximum value of R to turn on the thyristor will be in kΩ ?

Question 3

A single-phase transformer, with secondary voltage of 250 V, 50 Hz delivers power to R load of 15 Ω through a half wave-controlled rectifier circuit. For firing angle of 45°, the form factor is____

Question 4

A 3-Φ fully controlled bridge converter with 230 V supply, having 0.05 Ω resistance and 0.5 Ω reactance per phase. It is operating in the inverting mode at a firing advance angle of 40°. Calculate the mean generator voltage when the current is at the level of 60 A. (Assume thyristor voltage drop is 2 V).

Question 5

A 1-Φ semi-converter the source voltage have Vs = 120 V 50 Hz. The load consist a resistance R = 3 Ω and inductance is large enough to make the load current ripple free. For the firing advance angle to 120°, find the fundamental source rms current_______?

Question 6

A SCR has Vg – ig characteristics given as Vg = 2 + 10ig. In an certain applications, the gate voltage consists of rectangular pulses of 12V and of duration of 50 μsec with duty ratio of 0.4. The value of series resistor Rg in gate circuit to limit the peak power dissipation in the gate to 5 watts is
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