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GATE EE 2021 : Subject Revision Quiz 5 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Let X[z] is the z-transform of a summable signal, x[n] having pole at Z = 1/2, then

Question 2

Consider a discrete signal,

The value of  will be

Question 3

Consider a non-causal system whose Z-transform is given by

Find x(1) = ___________?

Question 4

The unit impulse response of the system described by  is:

Question 5

Consider the signal given below.

Find the z-transform of the above signal.

Question 6

A function f(t) is shown in the given figure exist from t = 0.

Then evaluate the integral of

Question 7

Consider a continuous-time LTI system with frequency response  and Calculate x(t).

Question 8

Consider the signal x(t) having a Nyquist rate of ωs. Find the Nyquist rate of signal y(n) such that

y(n) = x(2t)

Question 9

The value of integral I ?

Question 10

Consider an LTI system is such that

h1(n) = δ(n) – 5 δ (n – 1)

h2(n) = 5n u(n)

Find the output of signal at n = 3 for applied input is

Question 11

Suppose the maximum frequency in a bandlimited signal x(t) is 5 kHz. Then, the maximum frequency in x(t)cos (2000πt ), in kHz, is

Question 12

Sketch the convolution of two signal.

h(t) = δ (t + 1) + δ (t — 2)

Question 13

Determine which one has the valid Fourier series?

Question 14

A signaland its transformed signalare shown in figure below:

If, then the value of a is

Question 15

For the given difference equation

if y (–1) = 0; y (–2) = 1
if input is given as

Find the Transfer function H(z) ?

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