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GATE EC 2022 : Networks Quiz 8

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Question 1

The real power consumed in a circuit element will be least when the phase difference between the current and voltage is ______.

Question 2

A parallel RLC circuit has R= 100 kΩ and half power frequencies of 101 Krad/sec and 99 Krad/sec. The values of L and C respectively are

Question 3

In a series R, L and C circuit with applied input voltage of 30V, at a frequency of Hz, the response is given by i(t) = 3e-2t - 3e-4t, then the power factor of the circuit is _________.

Question 4

The values of R, L and C in series RLC circuit that resonates at 1.5 KHz and consumes 50 W from a 50 V ac source operating at the resonant frequency. The bandwidth is 0.75 KHz.

Question 5

Find the resonant frequency (in Hz) of the circuit given below:
[Write the Answer upto two decimal point]

Question 6

For the circuit shown below, which of the following statement is true

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