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Question 1

In a transistor 98.6 % of the carriers injected into the base cross the collector-base junction. If the leakage current is 6μA and collector current is 18 mA. Then the emitter current(in mA) is

Question 2

Which of the following statements concerning IC fabrication is not correct?

Question 3

Assuming VCEsat = 0.2 V and β = 50, the minimum base current (IB) required to drive the transistor in figure to saturation is?

Question 4

Two GaAs wafers, one n-type and one p-type, are uniformly doped such that ND (wafer 1) = NA (wafer 2) ≥ ni , which wafer will exhibit the larger resistivity?

Question 5

For a silicon diode with long P and N regions, the accepter and donor impurity concentrations are 1 x 1017 cm–3 and 1 × 1015 cm–3, respectively. The lifetimes of electrons in P region and holes in N region are both 100 µs. The electron and hole diffusion coefficients are 49 cm2/s and 36 cm2/s, respectively. Assume kT/q = 26 mV, the intrinsic earner concentration is 1× 1010 cm–3, and q = 1.6 × 10–19 C. When a forward voltage of 208 mV is applied across the diode, the hole current density (in nA/cm2) injected from P region to N region is ______.

Question 6

The electron concentration in a sample of uniformly doped n-type silicon at 300 K varies linearly from 1017/cm3 to at x = 0 to 6 × 1016 /cm3 at x = 2 µm. Assume a situation that electrons are supplied to keep this concentration gradient constant with time. If the electronic charge is 1.6 × 10-19 coulomb and the diffusion constant Dn = 35 cm2/s, the current density in the silicon if no electric field is present?

Question 7

A silicon diode, with NA=1017 cm-3 and ND = 5 × 1017 cm-3 , is forward biased with Va = 0.05 V. Assume that the intrinsic concentration of silicon is ni = 1.08 ×1010 cm-3. What are the minority carrier concentrations ∆np(xp) and ∆ pn(xn) at the edge of transition region?

Question 8

The transistor in the circuit shown below has the parameter mA/V2. VT = -2 V, drain current = 0.5 mA.(neglect channel length modulation)

The value of CC such that the lower 3 dB frequency is 20 Hz is

Question 9

The built-in potential of an abrupt p-n junction is 0.75 V. If its junction capacitance (Q) at a reverse bias (VR) of 1.25 V is 5 pF, the value of CJ (in pF) when VR = 7.25 V is________.

Question 10

Parameters of transistors are given, The width to-length ratio of M2 is if =0.10 V when then for M1 is

Question 11

If a n-channel MOSFET is operating under saturation region with and then intrinsic gain of MOSFET will be ________.

Question 12

The breakdown in a Bipolar Transistor is characterized by two parameters, breakdown voltage with base open (BVCBO) and breakdown voltage with emitter open (BVCEO). Which one of the following is true?
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