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GATE EC 2021: Subject Revision Quiz 2 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

The circuit shown is a MOS cascade amplifier. Calculate the input resistance of transistor Q2?


Question 2

For the DC analysis of the common base amplifier shown, consider  under these conditions, the value of mid band voltage gain  is ______

Question 3

Consider the class emitter follower circuit as shown in figure. All transistors are matched with parameters (VBE)ON = 0.7V , (VCE)Sat = 0.2V and VA = ∞. Neglecting base current |Vo max| + |Vo min| is equal to ____ V

[Q2 & Q3 should always be in linear mode].

Question 4

Match list 1(Type of amplifier) with list II (Property) and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists:

List - I

A) Single ended class A

B) Class AB push pull

C) Class B push pull

D) Class C

List - II

1) Medium efficiency with minimum distortion

2) High efficiency with crossover distortion

3) Harmonic generator with highest possible conversion efficiency

4) Poor conversion efficiency with minimum distortion

Question 5

Find the frequency of oscillation of a Colpitts oscillator with C1 = 0.004 μF, C2 = 0.03 μF, and L = 4.0 mH.

Question 6

In the circuit shown in figure, the output voltage V o is _______ V

Question 7

Consider the waveform shown below:

If the input is a 100V peak square wave with a period of 20 ms. The output is so designed that it has a maximum value of 25 and minimum of –175V at the steady state, then the circuit which can perform this function can be represented as

Question 8

Given astable multivibrator generate square wave of 10 kHz with 60% duty cycle. It uses a capacitor of 500 pF. Find the value of R1 & R2.

Question 9

Consider the Schmitt trigger circuit shown below the Hysteresis width in Volts is……?

Question 10

The NMOS and PMOS transistor are matched with = 1V, Assume λ = 0 for both devices.

Calculate the output voltage Vo (in Volt) for Vin = 2.5 V

Question 11

A sinusoidal signal VS = 1.95 sin 400t is applied to a power amplifier. The resulting current is Io = 12 sin 400t + 1.2 sin 800t + 0.9 sin 1200t + 0.4 sin 1600t. Find the increase in power because of distortion. 

Question 12

For the transistor shown below β = 150.

If IQ = 2mA, the value of Vo (in V)is

Question 13

In the given figure, cut in voltage of both zener diode Dz and D is 0.7V, while breakdown voltage of zener is 3.3V and reverse break down of D is 50V. The other parameters can be assumed to be the same as those of an ideal diode. The values of the peak output voltage (V0) are (given ω= 314 rad/sec)
2019-11-05.jpg (316×163)

Question 14

Consider the circuit shown below

The type of amplifier and feedback factor of the amplifier

Question 15

A depletion NMOS transistor circuit has following parameters

Vth = – 2V, kn = 5m A/v2 , λ = 0.01v–1 Find the voltage gain, Av

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