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GATE EC 2021: Control Systems Quiz 6 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

in the root locus for open loop transfer function is G(s)H(s) = the ‘break away/in points are located at

Question 2

Given OLTF, G(s)H(s) = .
Consider the points :  with respect to the RLD

Question 3

Determine which of the following option is true.
The root locus branches of a unity feedback system with G(s) = are

Question 4

Consider a unity feedback system having open loop transfer function

What is the value of K such that Gain Margin = 20 dB

Question 5

The open loop transfer function of a unity feedback control system is given by

Find the value of ‘K’ at which the root locus diagram of the system intersects the imaginary axis.

Question 6

The root locus of a unity feedback system is shown below.

The frequency at which root locus branch crosses the jω i.e. imaginary axis is.

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