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GATE EC 2021: Analog Circuits Quiz 8 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

Consider the circuit shown below.
If op-amps in the circuit are ideal, then which of the following option is correct?

Question 2

Consider the following circuit:

Input impedance(in kΩ) seen by the voltage source is:

Question 3

Study the circuit shown in the figure below

A current controlled current source (CCCS) is designed by using of an ideal op-amp circuit. If the output current Io of the circuit which is measured across the load resistance RL is related to the input as I0=Ii/C then the value of C is equal to

Question 4

The op amp configuration shown below has following transfer function  s. The feedback resistance used has 1.5 MΩ , the value of capacitance will be ___________ µf.

Question 5

For the opamp biasing shown in figure, it was found experimentally even at zero bias the current flowing into positive terminal is 15nA and current flowing into negative terminal is 10nA. If the output voltage of op-amp is 8mV. The value of feedback resistance Rf is__________.

Assume (Rf≫ R). R = 0.5 kΩ

Question 6

Find the capacitor voltage VC at t=1msec if switch is closed as t=0. Assume capacitor initially uncharged and op-amp is not saturated.
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