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GATE EC 2021: Analog Circuits Quiz 5 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

A half wave rectifier has a load resistance of 1.2 KΩ and peak ac voltage is 320 V. The root mean square value of current Is, if Rf = 100 Ω, where the symbols have their usual meaning.

Question 2

A 10V regulated DC power supply has a regulation of 0.002. Find the magnitude of variation in output voltage

Question 3

A quick-charge mobile charger prototype has to deliver a power of 15 W to a cellphone. The cellphone draws current at 5 V from charger which is connected to mains of 220 V AC at 50 Hz. However, while designing the charger, ripple voltage was specified to be restricted at 0.2 V, instead 0.5 V ripple voltage was observed during its operation. Determine the value of capacitance (in mF) to be connected in parallel to the existing capacitor filter in rectifier circuit to correct the designing mistake.

Question 4

Consider the circuit shown in the figure below

The zener diode has a zener breakdown voltage of Vz = 10V and has the maximum amount of zener current Iz(max) = 20 mA. The zener diode turns on when the voltage of 10V is applied over it with nearly zero Knee current, then the value of load resistance RL for proper regulation should be in the range

Question 5

The load resistance of a centre-topped full-wave rectifier is 500Ω and the necessary voltage is 60 sin (100 πt). Peak, average and RMS value of current are respectively (given forward resistance is 50 Ω)

Question 6

An input voltage as shown is applied to the given circuit, which produces a half-wave rectified output.
Determine the percentage drop in the dc level, if the ideal diode is replaced by a silicon diode.
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