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GATE EC 2021: Analog Circuits Quiz 3 (App update required to attempt this test)

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Question 1

For the given transistor shown below, find VS and VD. (Vt = 2V,

Question 2

The enhancement type MOSFET in the circuit below operates according to the square law. μnCox = 100 μA/V2, the threshold voltage (VT) is 500 mV. Ignore channel length modulation. The output voltage Vout is

Question 3

The NMOS and PMOS transistor are matched with = 1V, Assume λ = 0 for both devices.

Calculate the output voltage Vo (in Volt) for Vin = 2.5 V

Question 4

In the circuit shown, Vo = 10 V, │Vgs│ = 1.5 V the value of R is ____ kΩ

Question 5

Two n-channel MOSFETs, T1 and T2, are identical in all respects except that the width of T2 is double that of T1. Both the transistors are biased in the saturation region of operation, but the gate overdrive voltage (VGS-VTH) of T2 is double that of T1, where VGS and VTH are the gate – to – source voltage and threshold voltage of the transistors, respectively. If the drain current and transconductance of T1 are ID1 and gm1 respectively, the corresponding values of these two parameters for T2 are

Question 6

For the MOSFET shown in the figure, the threshold voltage and The value of (in mA) is ___________.
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