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GATE EC : Analog Circuits Quiz

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Question 1

The input and output resistances of series-shunt Amplifier ________ and ________ with feedback

Question 2

An amplifier in open loop has an amplification gain of 120, Ri and Ro is given as 1.2 kΩ and 110 Ω. A negative feedback is provided with a gain of 0.98, then new Ri (in kΩ) is

Note: If the feedback used is series shunt.

Question 3

A class B output stage is shown in figure. If the output is a sinusoid with 4.5V peak amplitude, then the power efficiency at this output voltage is

Question 4

Match the following List – I with List – II

List-I (Power Amplifiers)

P. Class – A

Q. Class – B

R. Class – AB

S. Class – C

List-II (Conduction Angle)

(1) 360°

(2) 180°

(3) Between 180° and 360°

(4) less than 180°

Question 5

An amplifier is RC coupled having a voltage band gain of If the gain at certain frequency is changed to 21 then the change in phase shift (in degrees) will be_____

Question 6

Calculate the hysteresis width (in Volts) for an inverting Schmitt trigger with feedback fraction 0.5. Assume the supply voltage to be 10V. 
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